Dmitry Skavish (skavish) wrote,
Dmitry Skavish

Ищется команда офигенных вебразработчиков для нашего проекта

We are looking for a superb team of web developers with solid track record to develop a website to our requirements.

About us:

We are a young and ambitious startup quickly moving toward releasing first version of our web application. The application is an IDE in a browser for an animated content.

What we already have:
- the application itself, javascript-based client and server back-end
- the website design. html layout is in the works.

We need the website to support the application's users interaction with the application and each other.

Brief overview of the website/work:

- Users accounts: creating/editing/deleting/displaying/statistics.
- Displaying user created content in various forms and layouts. Typical content is a cartoon, short movie or a game. All html5 based.
- Social features: following users, liking content, commenting on content etc
- Integrating with all the social sites out there.
- Maintaining the site at least for first several months.

- Tech on server: preferable java or scala. python/ruby are second choice.
- Some of the server API is already there. But the rest should be designed and developed including DB schema, especially for social stuff.
- Need to complete in 4 months max.
- Should be designed with scalability in mind.

About you:

- Solid verifiable portfolio of similarly complex projects.
- References from past clients.
- Available in the next 1-2 months at most.
- The team liaison/manager speaks/writes/reads English.
- Big plus if key people from the team can visit US for a week or so.

We can promise:
- Competitive compensation.
- Fun project with huge potential.
- Long term and mutually beneficial relationship.

Drop me en email if you are up to the job at
Tags: animatron, job
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